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Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving was great

but first, i'll talk about tuesday, because i haven't written since then. and you know it didn't actually happen if it doesn't get into the blog!

nina had school on tuesday and maggie and i picked her up at 2:30, got some takeout vietnamese food (mmmm!), went to the library to get some books and DVDs for the car, and chowed down as soon as we got home because the food smelled so good in the car.

poor tired little nina fell asleep before 6:00! a bad omen it turned out, she woke up at 8:00 with a fever of 104.3. oh no! nick got to the drug store before it closed to get the poor little child chewable tylenol, since she really hates the syrup. it helped a little, her fever went down to about 102.5 within 2 hours. tylenol isn't great for the high fevers, but they didn't have any children's chewable motrin, so tylenol it was.

maggie was in high spirits and didn't fall asleep on tuesday night until 10:00. nina dozed on the couch for an hour or two but was essentially out for the night. you'd think a sick girl would sleep until at least 6 am, even if she fell asleep at 5:45, right?

no! she was up at 4:15, ready to go! i was happy she felt much better (fever was still around 101), but she was happy as a lark. maggie slept until 6, of course, since she went to bed at 10. lucky lucky us!!

still, we piled into the car at about 9 am on wednesday and headed out to boston! yippee!! mom came with us so i drove in the back seat. maggie needs me, more later...

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