about a dream: we harvested our first carrot today

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

we harvested our first carrot today

nina, maggie, and i went out to the garden at about 4 this afternoon because i'd decided that the carrots must be ready to harvest, seeing as i'd planted the first batch of them 3 months ago.

yeah, not so much. unless 2 inches is as big as they're going to get? hopefully no. lesson here: planting carrots early doesn't necessarily translate to an earlier harvest. or at least, me planting carrots early doesn't equal early harvest. apparently it does work for some more gifted gardeners.

the good news is that we are getting about 6 green beans and 4 snap peas per day. not enough for a dinner, but enough for the girls to munch on outside. good enough for me! next year i'm going to plant more green beans and more peas, since thus far they have been the most successful. the plants are loving this heat though, so hopefully i'll have more success to blog about in the future.

i can't believe i didn't take a picture of the carrot before we ate it! the top looked lovely anyway. and it tasted good! well, nina and i thought so. maggie just chewed hers up and spit it out (what's new0.

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Vanessa said...

I seem to remember a lot of baby carrots from our Maine garden. Maybe longer than two inches though, but maybe not. I loved the fresh peas we had, though! So hopefully yours are that yummy.