about a dream: the plagues really hit today

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the plagues really hit today

first it was mosquitoes. swarms and swarms of mosquitoes. we went outside to play in the morning, as usual, and i ambled over to the garden, coffee in hand, to see how my amazing cucumbers are doing (we've picked 2 so far, pics to come of course!). well after about 5 second of staring mournfully at my pumpkins, which are not and will not do anything, i noticed like, 20 mosquitoes on my legs! ick!! i brushed them off but more were coming. i called over to mom who was with the girls on the swingset, and they were starting to get attacked too. we had to run inside!! i even put my coffee down it was that bad. i have no idea what happened... we don't have standing water anywhere, but they were all in the grass, in front and in back. not so bad at mom and dad's house, but still a few by the pool when normally there'd be none. SO strange!

some friends i talked to today didn't have mosquitoes but did have big problems with deer flies. mom and dad had about 20 flies of some sort in their house too.

and upstairs i keep find little fruit flies or fruit fly like things in the bathroom sink.

THEN, we had severe thunder storms this evening. water leaked into the basement through the trap door at the bottom of the chimney. well, leaked isn't really the word, more like poured. but actually that kind of worked out for us--nina is really scared of the thunder, but you can't hear it so much down there, and we all got so wrapped up in mopping up the water that we missed the worst of the storm.

now everything is calm, knock on wood. ahh, summer!

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Oma said...

Maybe the insects were feeling and reacting to the upcoming storm?