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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

oh bounty of the garden!

today i made tzasiki (wow i bungled that spelling, that's what happens when blogspot's spellcheck offers me no suggestions. anyway, it's a greek cucumber/yogurt sauce) from a cucumber from the houses' garden! they just live up the road, their garden is practically my garden. the world is my garden, that's my new slogan. now all of the stuff i buy at the grocery store comes from my world garden. broadening my definitions to bring success to me, that's what i'm doing. :-P

no, really, i have harvested a tomato, quite a few snap peas, 2 green beans, some cilantro (a teeny bit), and 2 cucumbers in the past several days. bounteous indeed!!! tomorrow i'm gonna grab some basil for the pizza. woot.

lovely day with the girls today. did a trolly ride (maggie asked if she could ring the bell, and nina and their friend james followed suit). got gummies (lobsters) at ornes before that, and ran around on the library lawn. then did some more swimming. maggie didn't nap, so she fell asleep pretty promptly at like, 7:30. then she woke up at 9 ish and farted, so we'll see how the night goes... if there's a poop, we'll be up for sure until that's taken care of. only my children could pass gas at night and send a shiver down their mother's spine. oh harbinger of what's to come!

i jest. kind of. it's just that maggie, and nina at maggie's age, seems to save up poops for bedtime. we'll be nursing, she'll start to close her eyes... all serene... almost asleep!.. and then, "toot!" and i know it's all over. in a few minutes she's wide awake, "i have to poop!!", headed off to the bathroom, and re-energized from a nice poop. i can be certain it'll be at least a half an hour from that fateful fart until she's asleep. do they save them up for bedtime to buy time? is that even possible?

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