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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a bunch of catch-up thoughts...

busy busy! at least we're not sick, right? and once i get out of the habit of writing every day or every other day, it's so easy to get out of the habit. then i have to do one of these awful catch-up bursts. oh well, c'est la vie!

first: i dug up a few of the potatoes (of course the garden update is first!). they looked great! they were small, about the size of golf balls, but not even a touch green. they were further below the soil than i'd thought they'd be, about 3 inches down. so that's good! even so, i hilled the plants with more soil, so as they grow (if), they won't push out of the dirt and turn toxic green. also, we roasted them with some store-bought red potatoes, and they tasted like... potatoes! ahh, sweet success. i'm back on top of the world, potato-wise.

second: nina read a few pages of her barbie book aloud to me, nick, oma, and maggie this evening. she's really getting to be a good reader. she got words like "pretend" and "silver." not common at all! the smaller words can be harder for her, which of course makes sense, when words like "so" and "do" don't rhyme, but "bear" and "chair" do. english!!

three: the other day, in the car, maggie was telling oma that she wasn't oma (i think that was it anyway). and oma replied, "i am too!" and maggie said, "you're not two oma, i'm two!" haha! funny kid.

four: ever since we saw the circus, nina has been swinging from the rope we hung up under her balcony and calling herself miss jasmine. she usually dresses up in one of vanessa's or my old dance costumes when she does her routines. she calls maggie miss desiree, which was the name of the woman who directed the horses at the circus, but is of course confusing. well i'm glad we did the circus even though it was so hot that day, it obviously made a big impression on nina.

five: last night nina didn't go to bed until like, 8:45, at which point maggie woke up. she didn't go back to sleep until almost 10:30. all i want is for the girls to both be asleep by 8:00 on monday so that i can watch the bachelorette in peace. is that too much to ask? apparently. that's also why i didn't get to blog last night. maggie was flailing all over oma's bed (she's on the pull-out couch in the family room, so we were sitting on that to watch the bachelorette) for half an hour, half falling asleep, half waking up. i was glad nick and oma got to see how ridiculous she can be, because she'll do that at night sometimes, flailing around the bed for 45 minutes at a time, falling asleep and waking herself back up, rolling around, thrashing, keeping me awake... it's a wonder i function as well as i do!

well i think that's all i can come up with for now, but i'll be back on later if i think of anything else.

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