about a dream: maggie had a good night after all

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

maggie had a good night after all

no midnight pooping. whew! she maybe even nursed a little less. she didn't sleep lying across my back like the other night anyway.

today was another hot one! what a summer. we went to hendrick's head with some friends and went swimming. nina's first swim in the ocean! it was cold, but not painfully so. she was so brave! even maggie went in up to her neck. she really liked being at about waist level though, she's never been able to walk in that depth before, usually water is up to her ankles or over her head. she particularly enjoyed sitting in water up to her neck and playing tea party. she'd shriek with delight/cold whenever she sat down, but she really loved it. then they both rolled in the sand, what a mess in the car... oh well, i gave them a bath outside in their wagon when we got home and it was all good. who knew wagons could have so many uses?

but i am TIRED! so i think i'm going to bed now. maybe first i'll have a little more of the gazpacho i made from the last of the houses' cucumbers and some of ours (and store bought--i mean, world garden grown--tomatoes.) it was yummy!

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