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Sunday, July 18, 2010

family fun day

today we had a family fun day. after church (which maggie slept through, even my trip up to communion!), and social hour (nina likes this even better than sunday school, which we skipped this week on account of the beautiful weather. last week, when we didn't go to church, nina cried. "we're missing the food!" she wailed. "it's ok snoogy," i said. "we'll go next week and get the food." "NO!" she cried harder. "they'll have different food next week! they have different food every week! it won't be the same!" poor girl. but she's right, they do get some good stuff at social hour. how many times have we been surprised by a full breakfast in the past year? probably at least 5, and it's not like we go every sunday. they probably average one full breakfast a month. spectacular!)

i digress!! so after church the moss family came over, and we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, water balloons, chili, canoeing, and smores over the fire pit. boy were the girls wiped out!! this was our second straight day of smores--we had some yesterday with anna.

it was a fantastic summer weekend. highs were in the upper 80s, and the pool hovered right around the low 80s. ahh!

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