about a dream: 2 flower girl dresses down, 1 to go

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 flower girl dresses down, 1 to go

woo hoo! i got to work on maggie's today while the girls went to play with the mosses. now just a little more work on laura's cousin's dress (she's the 3rd flower girl), and they'll be done! of course, i'll put a picture up, but not one of the girls wearing them. just the dresses on hangers. it's going to be too difficult to keep them clean if they try them on.

so, henry and marilyn are here with the kids, the girls were sooooooo excited to see them. we've been counting down the days for a week! maggie seems to have really taken to yvonne, which is great because she rarely goes for people. i saw her sitting on yvonne's lap earlier. she barely even sits on nick's lap! what a break for me!

we harvested 2 cucumbers today. i think it's funny that i wasn't planning on planting cucumbers (art gave me 4 plants because he only wanted 2 but they came in a 6 pack. such a nice neighbor! i have to check and see how the tomatoes i gave him are doing... i wonder if he has tomatoes yet? i have one that is ALMOST ripe!) oops, where was i going? oh yeah, i wasn't even planning on planting cukes because they give nick heartburn, but they're thus far my most successful crop. and it's good because nina devours them. maggie leats them too, but not as much as nina.

oh, and we're finally growing an orka! what i thought was an okra was actually a flower bud, which sat there and did nothing for a month, then out of the blue flowered, and then the petals fell off and there was a super soft, tiny little okra. i really love seeing how all of these veggies grow. now if i could only get enough to eat...

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