about a dream: and i thought my potatoes were doing well...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

and i thought my potatoes were doing well...

but now i think they're not. see, you're "supposed" to hill your potatoes with dirt. but when you plant them too close together, at the edge of your bed and right next to the cantaloupes, you might not have enough soil or space to do this. and you might just say to yourself, well i'll just put some soil around them and some grass clippings and hope for the best.

wrong! apparently this means you don't get very many potatoes, and the ones you do get are green and poisonous.

fantastic! i'm not sure what to do now... hill them this late in the game and hope to save them? dig a few up and see what's going on under there? burn the whole darn garden?!

who knew that potato leaves and stems were also very poisonous? so are pepper plants and tomato plants. my garden is full of more poisonous things than edible things. is this a sign?

on the other hand, i gathered quite the large handful of green beans and snap peas today. definitely going to plant more green beans next year, and more peas. and i'm going to try potatoes again! only this time i'll not put them so close to everything else, so that i can actually get some potatoes from them. well, live and learn i guess.

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