about a dream: we dissected squid on saturday!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

we dissected squid on saturday!!

wow was that cool. it was me, nina, yvonne, marily, and henry and renee. nina and i each had our own squid, because she didn't want to share any of the cutting up with me. our tools were a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers. the specimens were ordinary calamari squid, ordered from restaurant suppliers (i forget their "scientific" name). nina did a great job following along with the instructor for about 3/4 of the class (which lasted for over an hour). only at the end did she lose interest and start cutting off the tentacles. well, she'd been asking when could she cut off the tentacles from the beginning, it was just at the end when she started to lose interest that i told her to go ahead and have fun. poor squid ended up pretty well diced!

after that we looked at the aquarium for a while, pet some sharks, held some starfish and hermit crabs at the touch tank, and then hung out at mom and dad's house with the crew. it was a fantastic weekend!

the girls had a great time playing balderdash on saturday (and sunday, by popular request!). i was partners with renee and she was hysterical. my favorite was one from the movie category. the movie's name was "hambone and hellie" and renee came up with 'two boys find a pig, and train him to eat bacon. the movie ends sadly when the pig eats himself.' i almost pulled a muscle laughing so hard!

one time renee tried to use "pee" in an answer, and maggie laughed and laughed. (i managed to get her to change it to "pea"). maggie kept asking renee to say pee for the rest of the night. ah yes, the potty humor lives on. ("what's the german word for pink? fart!" maggie came up with that one tonight).

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