about a dream: nina's thursday doctor's visit

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nina's thursday doctor's visit

nina saw dr. russo on thursday as a follow-up for her reflux and for her 3 1/2 year well child check. she's super healthy, of course. she's such a good patient for dr. russo--sitting quietly while she listened to her heart (for a looooong time. the murmur is back, more on that in a minute). i am tired from being up until 1 am last night (nina had an earache), so this will be fairly disjointed. here are the major points:

* reflux medication is doing a good job! nina does not choke any more when she drinks liquids. i have to admit that i was pretty skeptical that it was reflux, but whaddaya know! she has still choked and gagged and then thrown up at night because she was sick this weekend, and that WHOOP WHOOP breathing while she is choking was still there. but still, no day in and day out choking is quite the victory. yay for ranitidine!

* heart murmur was back. dr. russo listened to her heart for a long time, so i figured she heard it. she was puzzled that dr. ho hadn't last month, so she called her in to make sure she wasn't the only one who heard it. dr. ho listened, and heard it, so we're back to seeing the cardiologist. basically, it's more than likely an innocent childhood murmur, but since it's louder than most childhood murmurs, it should be checked out. even though they're 99% sure it's just loud because it's loud. still, since we're never going to have health coverage like this again, i'll get it checked out. no copay even!

* i told dr. russo that the PT said maggie has "low tone," and dr. russo was like, what??! no way. she said the PT might have meant low tone in just one area, like her neck or something, but that she definitely doesn't have low tone overall. so that solves that.

that's it from the visit. both kids were asleep by 7 tonight, so hopefully after the biggest loser nick and i can catch up on some of the sleep we lost last night.

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