about a dream: maggie is THIS CLOSE to crawling

Monday, January 26, 2009

maggie is THIS CLOSE to crawling

but she refuses to. she can do one or two little crawls towards something, and was really getting into it last week, but now all she wants to do is walk. she's constantly standing while she plays, and can even stand up without holding on to things (just rests her little belly a bit against whatever she's leaning on), and can even stand by herself for a few seconds. wow! she also is big into making us hold her hands and walk with her wherever she wants to go. and i thought we were going to escape that this time around... ah well, she's happy.

she really is SOO good natured. the other day i was pushing her in the stroller, going to pick up nina from preschool. when we got to the hallway outside of the classroom door, i noticed one of the moms looking at her with a smile. i looked down at maggie, and her hat was over her eyes. but she wasn't complaining, just smiling broadly, happy as a clam. i took her hat off and she was cooing and smiling. the other mom couldn't believe it and asked if she was always this happy. i felt bad about the hat over her eyes (who knows how long it had been there), but it was too cute. she's so easy-going!

except poor kid still has a cough, it really comes out after she falls asleep. she was coughing from about 4:30 to 5:30 am yesterday morning and only stopped when i propped pillows around me and held her for the rest of the night. i mean, morning... but it was ok, i slept just fine like that. i am sleep gifted. gifted! she also started coughing after she fell asleep tonight and then threw up. :-( little bits of carrot and everything... poor mags.

that's all i can think of! g'night!


Vanessa said...

How long has she been coughing? Was/is it part of a cold and just lingering? Poor thing!

Oma said...

I hate to say this, but that coughing couldn't be reflux, could it?? Do you think propping her up in bed would help?

nick and des said...

the cough has only been around for a few days. it's the end of a cold, it started when her sinuses started draining, end of last week i think.

i think she does have reflux, actually. i can hear something come up several times a day, but she usually just swallows it back down, rarely throws up or spits up. i asked dr. russo at nina's last appt. and she said that it's still normal for babies to have some reflux at this age, but we'll keep an eye to make sure she outgrows it. hopefully she will, but at least i know what to do now if she doesn't!