about a dream: dinner conversation

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dinner conversation

we have been trying to keep nina's dinner-time whining in check ("i want to watch super why, riding hood* said it's on!" "i'm done!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA") with some good, old fashioned dinner conversation. this evening, we were talking about our days (big mystery to eachother our days are... seeing as we all spend about 10 minutes apart. but whatever, it's the idea).

so nick said "wyatt*, how was your day?" and i said, "not bad. i made some important phone calls" (i keep telling nina that school is her job, and cooking, cleaning, and making phone calls is my job, and that while she does her job, i'm doing mine. i save all of the insurance company or what have you calling for when she's at school).

then i said, "papa**, how was your day?" and he said "not bad. nina, how was your day?" and she said "good." and then nick said, "maggie, how was your day?" and she said, "not bad."

it was amazing! i SO wish we had that on video of course, but we don't. she made a very deliberate effort to get the words just right--she said it kind of slowly, not fluently at all. nick and i were like, oh my god!! nina thought it was great too. we tried to get her to say it again but she ignored us and was laughing with nina. amazing!!!!!

* see post below
** i am allowed to call him papa without being rebuked


Vanessa said...

No way! She really said "not bad" ?!

And is Maggie "P for pig", you mean you have to say the whole thing (not just "p")? Too funny.

nick and des said...

she really did. you know what i think really helps? we were using that really exaggerated tone of voice. like, soooooooo how was your daaay? with more intonation that people usually speak with. whenever we say something with its own musical rhythm like that, she's been able to imitate the sounds much more easily. nina too. when she repeated "hello" at a month old, it was helOOOooo. they say that's why grownups lapse into "motherese" when they talk to babies. they can pick up on sounds more easily when they're sing-songy like that.

and yeah, "p is for pig" is the whole name, and if i call her just pig, nina corrects me. i mean, princess pea corrects me!

Vanessa said...

I was curious and looked at the Super Why page at the PBS website. It looks like Princess Pea does have a super name- Princess Presto?

nick and des said...

man, is this what you're like when you do your discoveries too? you're a shark!!

hahaha! you're right, of course. i paid closer attention this afternoon and princess presto is her superhero name. i asked nina if i could call her princess presto too and she said yes. she wont call me super why but she doesn't mind calling nick wonder red.