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Saturday, January 17, 2009

another video of mags...

the PT attempt turned out to be too long to upload too. 105 MB and the max is 100. i give up, but here's a cute one of maggie.

poor little nina is sick today. she was sick yesterday too. she only had a slight cough on friday morning so we were going to take her to school, but when we hit the elevator call button she flipped out and said she didn't want to go to school. she said she was tired and wanted to stay home. one has to make the decision to either drag her screaming and crying or let her stay home pretty quickly in these situations, so we decided to let her stay home in case she really was sicker than we thought. and she was, she fell right asleep and woke up with a much worse cough and slight temperature. last night she was up coughing a lot and had a sore throat and slight fever. she still occasionally reminds us that she doesn't want to go to school any more, so i'm thinking we'll have a battle next week. keep your fingers crossed that we don't!

maggie is doing fine. she has a tiny cough. yesterday she tried to go onto all 4s from a sitting (nina had run from the bedroom to the bathroom and maggie tried to follow, it was cute), but she did a face plant onto the not plush carpet and got a tiny little bloody nose. i felt terrible! vanessa said maybe all this dry air made her nose more susceptible to bleeding, which made me feel better. still, she cried. :-(

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