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Saturday, January 17, 2009

embarrassing or not, it all goes in the blog

erik has warned nick again and again to clean up his language in front of the kids. too little too late perhaps... (hey, she who writes the entries gets to cast blame where she sees fit). here's what happened.

the scene: all 4 of us on our bed, watching seinfeld. nina has a bowl with pears and blueberries. maggie grabs for the bowl and a few blueberries spill.

nina: oh, shit. some blueberries got on my pajamas. shit.
nick: nina, that word is a swear word. it's not nice to say.
me: that's right. i know we say it sometimes, but we shouldn't. it's a bad word.

oops! it's my fault too, i can't just blame nick. i said it twice on thursday: once when i was pouring rice into the boiling water and a coupon in the bag fell in the water with it (since when are there coupons in the bags of rice), and i quickly pulled it out but scalded my fingers a bit, and once when i accidentially dropped the phone into the bathtub while i was filling it for the girls.

it's a few weeks into january, but nick and i have now settled on a new year's resolution. no more profanity!!

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