about a dream: nina is obsessed with the cartoon "super why"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

nina is obsessed with the cartoon "super why"

it's new on PBS. there are 4 characters: wyatt, princess pea, pig, and red riding hood. when there's a problem, they morph into super why, princess pea (i don't know why she doesn't get a superhero name), alpha pig, and wonder red. anyway, nina LOVES it. she watches it every day at 9 am and 4:30 pm, even though there are only like, 5 different episodes that they keep showing over and over again.

for about a week, she has insisted that we call her princess pea. she won't answer to nina and keeps correcting us if we use her real name. i'm wyatt, nick is riding hood, and maggie is p is for pig (don't dare abbreviate to just pig! and i can't call her princess or pea either. only princess pea).

last night, she woke up from her sleep at around 10:30, and called out for me in a sleepy, not quite awake voice, "wyatt!"

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