about a dream: the most adorable video ever

Saturday, January 31, 2009

the most adorable video ever

it's too big to host here on blogger, so here's a link to it on you tube. note how cute it is when maggie wiggles her feet with happiness.

THE LOLLIPOP (click on that)


Vanessa said...

That is cute, however I'm not sure I approve of Maggie getting a lollipop at this age!!

nick and des said...

i thought you would say that. look how happy she is though! you couldn't say no either. :-)

Oma said...

"She wanted her Nuk", said Nina ... yeah, sure she did ... she didn't let that lollipop out of her sight for long, though!

nick and des said...

"her" nuk. ha! maggie never took the nuk. i have officially given up... finally.