about a dream: costco has funny milk cartons

Friday, January 30, 2009

costco has funny milk cartons

i guess the funny shape makes for more space efficiency. i'm all for that, from an environmental perspective.

it does feel like i'm buying milk in a foreign country still, though.

and they're very difficult to pour milk from. it took like, 6 or 8 gallons before nick and i could pour milk from a full gallon with spilling. the first time, we both poured milk all over the counter. oh costco, why must you spring these changes on us?!


Leigh said...

The NYT had a whole article about these last June (seems longer ago to me). They have to do with being easier to ship and store -- less waste, less gas -- but everyone spills from them. You're the first real person I know who has them!!

nick and des said...

ohhh thanks for the link leigh!