about a dream: nina saw the cardiologist

Thursday, January 29, 2009

nina saw the cardiologist

and all is well! just an ordinary, innocent murmur. she was such a big girl for the doctor! first, a nurse did an EKG. she put little electrode stickers on nina's chest, wrists, and ankles. then she attached the wires, recorded a few seconds of her heart, and that was it. next, 2 medical students and the cardiologist listened to her heart. they heard a bit of a funny sound on the mitral valve, so she did the echocardiogram (sonogram of her heart). she wasn't nervous because she had seen me get a bunch of sonograms with maggie. she called them jelly belly. we told the echocardiogram woman that nina had seen this before when maggie was in my belly, so before she did the echocardiogram, she checked nina's belly to see if there was a baby. there wasn't, just breakfast! it was cute.

the mitral valve works just fine, so that's that. no follow-up or anything necessary.

maggie's up! more later!

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Oma said...

Wow! Great news!