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Monday, May 30, 2011

maggie's party

maggie's birthday party was so much fun! i'm sorry i don't have a picture of the bounce house, it was great. it had two punching bag-like protrusions and one "hoop" coming up from the floor (so kids could run into and jump through them), and a slide going out one side. it was non-stop fun!
the weather was perfect, too. cloudy in the morning and then the sun came out at about noon. if it was any warmer, it would have been too hot for the kids to jump! well, too hot for nina anyway, who really gets overheated easily. she needed to take a few breaks and i probably should have made her take more.

maggie almost fell asleep sitting on her picnic table. it was too cute! she was exhausted and just sat down with her head on the table part. but just when i went to get a picture she hopped up. she ended up taking a nap during her own party, which delayed the cake by about half an hour.

on top of that, erik, isabelle, chester, craig, and elizabeth were here, so we did a campfire the night before and were up later than usual. then today it was in the 80s so we spent the day at hendrick's head. it really felt like the middle of july!

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