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Saturday, May 14, 2011

maggie is writing!

how exciting!

you may remember that several months back, maggie started to write letters. i didn't say anything at all, just held my breath and watched her. i know maggie, and how very frustrated she gets when she can't do what she wants to do, so i was afraid that any word from me would elicit a "no! NO! i'm can't do it!!" melt down.
well, within a day she had a meltdown anyway. she just couldn't make the letters like she wanted to.

but today, she tried again! actually a few days ago she wrote and M and was really proud of herself. but today she wrote her whole name! then, she made her friend anthony a birthday card. i told her how to spell it, but she wrote "happy birthday Maggie" on it. she meant from maggie, but she didn't have the space. she also scribbled on it and said that said "thank you for the toys." well, she's still a little confused about what goes into a birthday card i guess. and exactly who those toys we wrapped up were for. haha!

well, i will eventually get around to taking a photo of maggie's writing and putting it up here. but not tonight! we had a busy day at anthony's birthday party, we all had lots of fun.

oh, maggie called a cashew a "cat-a-ma-chew." how cute!

the rest of the week was pretty same old, same old.

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