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Thursday, May 19, 2011

a few funnies

nina reads everything now, which is not as great as it sounds. i can't check facebook with her around, because she'll read over my shoulder. i was checking my email, and on the yahoo sign-in page it said, "your world, your way." i didn't even notice it because who reads the stuff on the sign-in page. well nina said aloud, "my world my way!" in the funniest little voice. it was too cute.

another time there was some kind of ad, i don't even remember what for (acai berry juice? online college?), and there was a "learn more" button you could click. nina looked at it and said, "I want to learn more!!"

THEN, we were watching TV and a car commercial had the words "your ride" on it and she said "my ride!!" which again, was just hysterical in her little voice. the poor child pretty much only watches PBS since we don't have cable, and is totally naive to advertising!

there are 2 maggie cutes.

the first is that she was coming up the stairs holding a bottle in one hand and a book in the other (yes, a bottle. she kind of likes it, but i think more in a novelty way. she has accepted it twice now at 5 am instead of nursing. i mean, very reluctantly, but when i refused to nurse her and offered the bottle, she said fine. i think she chewed on it, that was what it sounded like for the 10 seconds before i fell back asleep. but whatever, it's working, she has fallen asleep without nursing for the last few nights. i told her that my milk turns to mustard when she turns 3, but maybe she'll even wean before it comes to that!)

i digress...

she was coming up the stairs holding a book in one hand and her bottle in the other. i was upstairs. when she reached the top of the stairs i told her that she needs to hold on to the banister when she comes up the stairs, for safety.
"but i am holding the book and the bottle," she said, "and i only have two hands."
"well yes," i said, "so next time leave one of those things behind.
"like this?" she asked, moving her book behind her back. haha!

then tonight just before getting ready for bed, she was stamping some paper with this strawberry shortcake stamp we got at mcdonalds once. she wanted nina to help her and said, "nina, push with all your might."
nina said no (she was too tired i think to get down on the floor) and maggie said "nina are you out of might?"

such funny kids i have!!

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Oma said...

They're so sweet! .... and smart!