about a dream: that maggie

Saturday, May 21, 2011

that maggie

i was putting her to bed and she wanted one more story. i said no. she said yes. i said no. she said, "if you don't read me a story, i don't love you."

ouch! an arrow through my heart. she really knows how to get right to a person's weak spot. i fear for her teenage years.

of course, i read her a story. i couldn't not! i think it was an empty threat. hope. but with maggie, i can't risk it.

in better news, it was beautiful for like, 2 hours today! warm, sunny, blue skies... ahh. summer. then clouds, wind, a fog, and some drizzle rolled in and it went down to 45. summer in maine!

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Vanessa said...

You have got to read what I emailed to you.