about a dream: three years ago tomorrow

Saturday, May 28, 2011

three years ago tomorrow

our little maggie was born!

i can't believe three years can go by so fast. and so much can change!! that adoring little baby, who looked at me with such love in her eyes--the baby who only needed mommmy, naneys, and a fresh diaper, is today the curly-haired blonde who looked at me with anger in her eyes, frowned, and told me to go away and die.

yup, things sure change...

what provoked such a harsh response? guess. i told her she had to wait to nurse. if you're all wondering why i'm still nursing maggie, why i've been unable to wean her, please consider this exhibit A. make that, exhibits A throug Z. this is why people used to believe in demonic possession and exorcism. it's actually easier to believe that your child is possessed by a demon than to believe that she could say something like this! twice. she said it twice.

of course, i have to believe she's more repeating something she's heard before than expressing her true sentiments. she's not an emotionally disturbed child. i don't think she is anyway. she does have quite the temper, but i know she does love me, and i think she'd be pretty upset if i died. i mean, obviously she'd be upset about not naneying anymore, but i'd like to think she'd just miss me in general.

oh well, i'll try to forget it (now that i've recorded it for posterity). in a funny way, this makes me feel much less sentimental about turning three. i love two, it's one of my favorite ages, but two with maggie has been pretty difficult, and i'm just as happy to move out of this stage. may three be a new beginning!!


Vanessa said...

You poor thing! Happy Birthday Maggie! Des stand strong, time to wean!

des said...

thanks vanessa! i'll keep trying, but if her head spins completely around i will have to give in. haha!