about a dream: it's mother's day eve!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

it's mother's day eve!

that's what nina called it today. she is so excited for tomorrow, she's so sweet! all i know is that she came home from school with a present for me in a brown paper bag. i can't wait to find out what it is!
so, fyi, maggie doesn't want to be called "maggie" anymore. she's changed her name to nina. if you find that confusing, you can call nina "anina" or the other nina "baby nina." she is such a riot. we went to a birthday party today, and whenever anyone said "hi maggie!" she'd say "i'm not maggie anymore. i changed my name to nina." i told her that i like the name maggie and asked why she wanted to be nina, but she didn't respond. at least, she didn't respond with anything coherent.
oh well, how long can this last? this is maggie, so i'd say not more than 6-8 months. haha!
which reminds me, not only does she no longer wear footies all day every day, she even wore a sweater yesterday! i can't tell you how many times this winter i asked maggie if she'd like to wear one of her nice sweaters. no. never. but now that the weather is finally warm(er), what does she pick out to wear? jeans and a sweater!! she did it on purpose, she gave me a devilish look when she picked it out, but i didn't say anything. nick and i had said in the winter something along the lines of "watch when it's hot she'll insist on wearing jackets and sweaters," and i'm sure she heard us and remembered. she forgets nothing!!!

on another note, last night was a mom's night out. maggie didn't nap, so i put her to bed and then left. unfortunately, she woke up while i was gone and was really upset by the time i came home (which was only about 5 minutes after nick called and 20 minutes after she'd woken up). she didn't say anything about it today, but i'm sure she'll bring it up this winter or so. i can't believe she's going to be 3 years old 3 weeks from tomorrow!!

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