about a dream: happy mothers' day to me!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers' day to me!

is it mother's day or mothers' day? seems like it should be mothers', but what do i know? nothing, according to my children. haha!

no, it was a lovely mother's day. both girls made me made me beautiful cards. maggie's had an excellent drawing of a rose on it, really surprisingly good. i would scan it, but i have this aversion to using technology sometimes. the hassle, it's always such a big hassle.
anyway, then there was a gift! bossypants by tina fey (vanessa, i can either mail it to you when i'm done or save it for when you're here) and a box of chocolates. how nice!
i was hoping i'd get to sleep in, but no. and maggie had an awful, awful night's sleep because she was a bit sick (runny nose and slight fever). something must have hurt because she kept waking up and never really settled. i should have given her tylenol but it didn't occur to me in my broken-sleep haze. when i was sleeping, i was dreaming about her fever getting really high. fortunately that was just a dream. i didn't find our thermometer, but she was about 102 at the highest.

then we went to church, enjoyed the lovely mother's day breakfast, and then hung around the house in our PJs because maggie was sick and nick had sprayed the outdoors for ticks. it was still on the chilly side, probably the upper 50s, maybe it hit 60 for like 6 minutes, and windy-ish. we did play on mom and dad's tick-free lawn for a while after maggie's nap, when she seemed to be feeling better. the girls picked me bouquets of dandelions. i tried telling them that small bouquets are technically called "nosegays" but nina persisted with bouquet and magge with po-kay (some hybrid of pre-K and bouquet, i think she was confused because there was talk of playing pre-K for a while).

then, the girls wanted me to do a cartwheel (i'd shown them a cartwheel last week and only mildly injured myself). i told nick to watch and nina said, "yeah, and she's not horrible!" with such genuine enthusiasm, it was too funny.


Oma said...

Maybe this is a silly question, but any idea how come the lawn next door is tick-free and yours seems to be infested???

des said...

i don't know.. it could be that our lawn, being less "well kept" is more hospitable to ticks. or that we try to not use pesticides (we did though. i don't like pesticides, but lyme disease is worse!)