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Friday, June 3, 2011

a busy day today

what a day we had today! it started this morning with me taking maggie to story hour. she isn't too big a fan of story hour usually, but today she was excited to go. we were meeting our friends the conlins there, and she was happy about that. she's also more into crafts now, and was excited for the craft. she spent a good amount of time on wednesday and thursday sewing me a costume, actually. super mama. there is a green hat with a pink... up, kind of a pink strip of fabric sewn to the top. and there was a "bra," which was a pink piece of fabric cut half way through and taped to my shirt (it almost looked like a midriff-baring v-neck, except it was just taped to me, like a bib), and then of course there was a cape. she discussed making shoes for the outfit today, but then decided against it. we were too busy anyway, as you'll see in a minute. she instructed me to not wear the costume until halloween. i think she finds it a bit embarrassing?

well after story hour, nina got out of school at 11 because of high school graduation. we went to the conlins' house for lunch and some play, and then all 10 of us went to the aquarium. the girls had a great time playing together.

the girls, though, have been waking up between 5 and 5:30 this week, so maggie crashed as soon as we got home. nina was starting to fall apart between 3 and 4, so i had her lie down at about 4:30 and she fell asleep. maggie missed her and tried to wake her up. "nina, wake up and play with me," she whispered. one time i walked into the family room (she was asleep on oma's bed) and found maggie kissing nina on the eyebrow. i said "aww, how sweet!" and maggie said, "how come she's not waking up?" haha! she was trying to wake her up with the kiss of true love.

finally, we went next door for some burgers and coloring, then a bath, and now the girls are watching curious george II (the movie) with nick and oma while i blog. they'll be up until at least 10 tonight after those naps!

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