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Friday, October 24, 2014

What a birthday!!

Such a big day! It started with some amazing presents in the morning:

Presents and cards and presents oh my!
 To Des! Frume Maggie! So darn cute.

But she wasn't so cute any more after school, when she transformed into....


Man, that is one creepy little kid!
 The dead flowers were her idea. Perfect!

Adorable, sweet Nina was a cheerleader. A ZOMBIE cheerleader!!

I made the shirt, but the skirt is the one Karen made Anna years ago.
 She made the zombie leg tights all by herself. They both looked great.

Then, I've neglected to mention this, but Maggie's had her first wiggly tooth. It's gotten really loose lately, then today she bit down on something and it got really loose.  Sure enough, we picked her up from the party, and look!:

My baby lost her first tooth!!!!!! What a day!

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Vanessa said...

Really great costumes, girls!!