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Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy weekend!

First, more photos from homecoming:

Walking. Like an Egyptian.
 Fantastic costume if I don't say so myself. I pulled that bad boy together in about 15 minutes. See, Thursday was a super hectic day. The high school ran a short day that was over at 11, to give the kids time to get their floats and bonfire together. Maggie had her final cavity appointment at 1:45 in Brunswick, so I picked up the girls, visited mom and grandma, fixed the cavities, hit up WalMart for another 50 lbs of dog food and some gold fabric, then raced home to make the costumes. Then the three of us ran out again, oversaw the kids on the float, and then watched the bonfire.

The bonfire was mostly brush, so it burned up fast and hot, then burned down fairly quickly. But it was a lovely clear night with no wind at all, so perfect for a bonfire.

Finally we got home around 9 or so. The girls had Friday off but I had to be at work. Sheesh, no wonder I'm still exhausted on Monday!

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