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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Millions of peaches

Peaches for me
Millions of peaches
Peaches for free

And they really are free! Just when I was ready to give up on our limb-dropping, branch-dying, trunk-cracking peach tree, it goes and produces a bounty of sweet, delicious, free peaches for us! Hooray!!


32 peaches, about 1/3 of what I've gotten thus far
 Some of them look utterly perfect, like peaches from the grocery store. Others have blemishes, but they're only superficial. They taste heavenly.

This morning, I blanched these 32, peeled them, and cut and froze about 20. The rest I cooked into this gorgeous peach cobbler:

It tastes amazing...
 I thought it'd be dessert today, but with the way the girls are already eating it, it's not going to last until lunchtime.

This is the second such peach cobbler we've made, and I think all of these delicious desserts are starting to show up on Nina's figure. What do you think?

She's looking a little bigger, isn't she?
 Especially right there in the hip/butt area..

Kidding! It's a pillow suit!

Aside from the peach preparation, life here has been busy but good. Wednesday were our high school parent-teacher conferences and open house, so that was a super long day for me. That was also the day Nick got in from Austria, so dad picked him up at the bus stop at 9 pm and he got home around 10. The girls were out for the night, but they had their joyful reunion in the morning.

On Friday Nick chaperoned Maggie's field trip to Squirrel Island (an island which, in spite of its name, has no squirrels living on it), and they came home exhausted.

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Oma said...

Yum! Love peaches! Congratulations on your beautiful crop!