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Saturday, October 11, 2014


What a fun week we've had! On Thursday was homecoming at the high school, and this year they resurrected the Homecoming Parade tradition. I'm a junior class advisor, and the kids asked if I'd chaperone their float during the parade. I said no. But then I said Yes, if my kids could ride on the float too. They said absolutely!

The theme was ancient Egypt, and here's the final product:

Such cuties, all of them!!
The girls and I put those costumes together in about 20 minutes from an old sheet, some fabric we'd bought earlier in the day, and a few odds and ends from around the house. Not bad!

The girls had a blast riding on the float. I rode in the back of the pickup pulling the float (the teenager at the far right of the photo is an absolute doll, and she watched the girls on the float). Then we went to the bonfire, always a lot of fun.

Erik, Isabelle, Joey, and Chester had arrived around 5:00, and all of us plus Grandma and Grandpa and Isabelle's mom and aunt were there, so super fun family time.

Then yesterday I had an inservice day, but the girls got to hang out with everyone. They even went on a hike and picnic lunch to Oven's Mouth.

This morning Nina and I made pancakes and applesauce for breakfast (with a little help from Maggie!), and soon we'll head out to the Fall Foliage Festival. I'll have more pics, especially of Joey's adorable smile, I promise!

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