about a dream: Damariscotta pumpkin festival

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Damariscotta pumpkin festival

Photos! The pumpkins were SO COOL! And it was a banner year for growth, holy moly. Check them out!

Kissing pumpkins, so Maggie joined in on the love!

Medusa! Scary! This was probably a 300 lb pumpkin.
 Look at the mastery on this bad boy:

This is a painted pumpkin. So big I couldn't even get far enough away!
But the winner is...
 Can you see that tag? It says this pumpkin weighs one thousand, six hundred, and ninety-five pounds.

Just, wow. Let that sink in for a minute. One THOUSAND, six HUNDRED, ninety-five. Just a ninety-five pound pumpkin would be ridiculously big, but this!!

We didn't catch the regatta, that was on Monday. What's a pumpkin regatta you ask? Surely Mainers aren't crazy enough to hollow out a pumpkin, attach an outboard motor, and race them, are they?


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Oma said...

Super pumpkins, super pictures! I love the one of Maggie kissing that pumpkin!