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Monday, October 13, 2014

Some apple picking.

Yeah, some. Ha! We've taken home about 50 lbs of apples so far this season, which primarily has been turned into 50 lbs of apple pie and apple crisp. Yum!

I think it was last weekend that Mom, me, and the girls met up with our old friends the Mosses at Hope Orchards. It was a lovely drive and beautiful, sunny fall day. And of course, yummy!

We sat on these pumpkins, but didn't buy any. They were pricey pumpkins!!

Here's some teenager we found there.... oh wait!! OMG it's NINA!
 We walked a bit to the pickin' trees, and picked ourselves some apples. Not too many apples, because they were nearly as expensive as their pumpkins.

Happy kids, happy-ish grandma. She doesn't love the farm scene.
Some other friends of ours were there too, so it was  fun time. We ran around the trees, jumped over puddles, and generally had a good, old-fashioned, farmyard kind of day.

But we didn't get that many apples, so I convinced everyone to hit up a second orchard in Damariscotta. See, Biscay Orchard's apples are only 80 cents per pound, and they give FREE drops. Free. That means the apples lying on the ground under the trees are yours for the taking. So we bought a few more pounds, and got maybe 10 more pounds of drops. By then we were super hungry too, so the girls got some cider and snacks at the farmstand.

And see how beautiful their apples are?
Wonderful fall we're having. Today I baked up one apple crisp, one apple pie, and one pumpkin pie. Is it summer vacation yet, because I need a break!!

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