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Saturday, June 7, 2014

School's almost out!!

Wow are things busy and exciting around here! Yesterday the high schoolers graduated, it was lovely! The girls' sitter, one of my physics students, was valedictorian so they got to see her make a speech, and then we went to her house for a party. Next we party-hopped over to our friends the Alamos. Their son graduated (also one of my physics students). They have a daughter the girls' age, so they played until the grand march.

The grand march! It's the same as ever. Marching music, long white dresses and tuxes, the serpentine. It's one of a kind!

The day had started with Field Day for the girls and Class Day over at the high school, so none of us had to do any real work today. This morning Nina woke up complaining about how she hates Sundays and I reminded her that it's Saturday. It's just that yesterday was not a typical Friday.

Today is mostly slated for house and yard work. It's sunny and warm out there, finally!

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