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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Windjammer Days!

No photos of windjammers today. We didn't go into town until the parade, which was great! LOTS of CANDY!!

What's this?
A giant lobster, of course!
 Here's my lovely, making a dash back to us after collecting some candy!

Great action photo! I tell you, that little lego camera is the best we've ever owned!
 What's this coming along down the street now?
A boot car!

The fireworks were cancelled on account of the rain (you can see the rain clouds in the background up there, but it held off. The parade was HOT! The sun came out and it hit almost 80. Maggie said, "I'm roasting like a turkey!" Ha!). So instead of fireworks tonight we're having a dance party!

Best friends forever....
 The dogs just get weirded out when we dance, but that doesn't stop us!

Proud mama and her baby boy!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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