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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Busy week!

I thought when it was summer, I'd have more time to blog. So far, no! That's because I've been busy with the girls all day. I'd forgotten how much work that is! But fun, fun, fun work. Swimming, kayaking, bouncing, crafting, and playing games. On top of that, I've been working on the boat with dad, doing a deep clean and organize in the house (which has been oh so neglected!), landscaping, and gardening. I moved the hostas that were still growing on the patio to the back of the house, and Nick and I build a small stone border around those too. Looks good! The vegetable garden is coming along as well, everything has sprouted, fingers crossed!

Today was an exciting day for Nina: she got her first pair of heels! Well, wedges, but still. Look!

Zomg, she's growing up!
 Some marketing genius somewhere decided to start making heels in toddler and little girl sizes about a year or two ago. Developmentally ridiculous, and I fought it for a looooong time. Then we went to Kaler's for dinner tonight, I had one glass of wine with dinner, we saw these afterwards, and I just couldn't say no any longer. Wedges MUST be better than heels, right??

She just loves them so much!
 Earlier this week, Nina and I had hit up the children's place online. They had a 50% off sale going on, and we stocked up on a few staples. Kid is growing so fast, almost nothing fit!

Maggie is modeling a homemade, statue-of-liberty-esque mumuu.
 Yesterday was all about cleaning and organizing the family room, and when it was all done, it looked so dreadfully bare. So I put up some of the girls' artwork. Much better!

The handprints are all Maggie's, the large matted piece is Nina's.
 I spent today trying to get the girls' room cleaned and organized, including going through their outgrown clothes. Big job! It's not totally done, but I think tomorrow I'll be finished. I also made a little headway sorting though clothes in my and Nick's room, but there's much more work to do there. Sigh... good thing summer is so long!

Here's the sunset tonight. It was a perfect weekend and perfect evening!

Trimming back that brush, that's another thing on my to-do list this summer...
More tomorrow!!

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Oma said...

The new shoes are beautiful!! I love Maggie's mumuu, too!

Could you please put a closeup of Nina's matted piece on the blog?