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Friday, June 13, 2014

Almost done!!

We're almost done with the year. Boy has it flown by!! We've had finals this week at school, but those are done by 11:30 every day, so I've had tons of time to clean and organize my classroom, and I'm almost ready to be out of here. Just a few hours Monday morning and I'm done! Woo hoo!!

The girls are ready to be done for the year too. They're both going to miss their lovely teachers and friends, but they're so ready to spend the days just playing and swimming. Today, however, has been pouring all day. Windy too. Kind of great weather for the last full day of school I guess; it'd be terrible weather for the first day of summer vacation!

All that rain is good news for my garden anyway, which I finally got planted up (for the most part!) this week. Later than ever, but it was a cold May and busy week last week, so it had to wait. Peas, green beans, turnips, beets, zucchini, cucumber, and sunflower have gone up in the back, and I got some cosmos for the front. I've also been weeding and mulching the hostas and lilies like crazy, I'll put a picture up this weekend if I can remember. It looks great!

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Oma said...

Happy Last Day of School tomorrow!!