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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Landscaping work

A few weeks ago, I asked Nick to pick up some compost for the garden, and he brought home mulch. So close, and yet so far. But that's ok, I put the mulch to good use! The hostas and lilies! Once I mulched the lilies, I decided that I should use the stones we pulled off of the old patio to nicely frame them in. Look!!

Ohhh, classy!
You may recall that several years ago, when I first thought we were going to put in a new patio, I moved some of the hostas to the island in the driveway. Every year they've been eaten up by deer as soon as they emerged, but I think the dogs have kept the deer away this year, and they're back. Yay!

I might put stones around here too, but they're not very tall, so I don't want them to be 
overwhelmed by the stones... still up in the air on this one.
Here's another view of the front of the house. Lookin' good!

Finally, I got new window boxes and some plants for those, which you can see off to the left there. Underneath that I've planted some cosmos in the ground, we'll see if those come up.

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