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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Landscaping update

Here's the back of the house, so far. You can see the hostas I've transplanted and the small stone border:

Trash can and old chair are kind of taking away from the pic. I must frame better!
 Here they are, closer up:

They're absolutely thriving in their new location!
 One more shot, since I'm so darn excited about them:
With a Marley photobomb. Hello Marley!
Also, knock on wood, the garden is really coming along. Meet my green bean seedlings!
Hello little friends!
 And one of my dozen or so zucchini seedlings.
She's a little blurry, mosquitoes were after me!
Very busy day today. First the girls and I went downtown to see the Windjammer Days festivities. Touch tank and a jellyfish craft on the library lawn, peach shortcake at the Ebb Tide, more crafts down by the bowling alley, Hannaford, then home to try to complete the lower unit oil change (fail), rebuild those last two carburetors (success!), start up the old engine (fail. New battery maybe? Or just a charge? I'll find out tomorrow), then cooked a birthday dinner for mom and continued project clean up the house. The girls' room is looking fantastic but boy am I pooped!

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