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Saturday, May 31, 2014

New toys

Earlier this week, Nina and Maggie were playing with one of Maggie's new birthday toys. It's a fill- the-bottle-with-colored-sand-to-make-a-decoration-that's-one-chaotic-flail-away-from-coating-my- floor-with-grit toy. Oops, I mean, colored-sand-bottle toy.

Here, see:

 There was glitter you could put in with the sand too. How pretty.

The girls loved it. Maggie dubbed the colored sand studio "Color Wicked," which is a pretty fantastic name for a design studio. Here's Nina creating a butterfly bottle.

Maggie was really into her creations. She was so adorable with her running commentary, highlights of which include:

"I like my wicked wainbow stwipes," and "I'm thwilled with my design!"

See? That's her thwilled face!

It's magic land. This pony lives in magic land.

At color wicked, your dreams come true!

They've both absolutely loved all of the presents everyone got them. I've read Maggie Madeline books every night, and even had to wake her up by reading a Madeline. She got peeved because she woke up while I was in the shower and demanded to know why she didn't wake up to me reading. I told her that was going to be next. She never wakes up on school mornings without me waking her up!

Nina loves one of the new games that Oma got her--The Enchanted Forest. It's some kind of hellish combination of Memory, Sorry, and Clue, and I'm horrible at it. You have to land on just the right spots to look under the trees and try to fine one of 13 treasures. By the time you MAYBE find the treasure, you've looked under 6 trees, 4 of them 2 or 3 times each, and you still can't remember where the freaking treasure is by the time you get to the castle. It's perfect for Nina, a cruel joke for me.

Today we went to Yankee Lanes in Brunswick for another birthday party. Nina and I tore it up on the lanes (thanks to the bumper guards!). It was exhausting, which is why this post is probably only borderline coherent. I'll try to do better tomorrow!

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