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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Here's some pictures from mom and dad's camera, from the spring. First, the adorable Valentine's Day card that Nina made for her grandpa (ok, that's a winter one!):

Joe! We're all on first name bases here...

To Joe! Also note that the bottom of the exclamation point is a heart. Aww.

These poems are the cutest thing in the world! Sorted into rhyming and non-rhyming!
I thought that card was just the cutest thing ever. And so did Joe!

Speaking of Joe, here are pictures from his birthday. The girls and I decorated that cake!

What are those decorations about, you ask? Here, I'll zoom in:

Can you tell yet? Hint: it's morbid!
It's a paper Titanic sinking after colliding with a whipped-cream iceberg. Ha! It was either that or a happy birthday/tax day cake. Darn we're clever!!

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