about a dream: A surprise visit!

Monday, May 26, 2014

A surprise visit!

Look who decided to take his first visit to Maine this weekend!

Maggie's first hold. Aww

Everyone smile!

The four of us.
Nina's not smiling, she was too anxious for her turn with the baby.

They just decided to come up! They arrived Sunday at about one in the afternoon and spent the night. Joey is such a good baby, he was totally chill about the change of scenery. Then within an hour or two, Ian and Laura came over with their little guy Abe and Noah and Rachael came over with Levi, Naomi, and Tim and Robin, and he was still Mr. Super Chill Little Guy.

It was a busy weekend for us though, that's for sure. Saturday we had a BBQ with the McConnells, Sunday was all the above, plus a trip to the playground, and Monday was a parade and Maggie's 6th birthday party (post to come tomorrow)! Whew! We're exhausted from this weekend!!