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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catch-up Number Two: First Communion and Confirmation

The other big thing that happened last week was Nina's First Communion and Confirmation (they do those together these days). Here she is!

Here she is with the Bishop and one of the parish priests. Beautiful!

And here she is with Unk, her confirmation sponsor.
The mass was fairly long, but we all did a great job. Nina actually was confirmed before she received her First Communion, because that's the order they did it in for the mass. Interesting though.

Also interesting was that they did the mass at 7 pm on a Friday. Who does that?? A 2-hour mass at 7 pm for 50 little kids. It was painful for Maggie.

Before the mass we had a lovely dinner at the Taste of Maine with Erik, mom and dad, Aunt Maria and Uncle Lee, grandma, and Aunt Rosie and Uncle John. Just the right size for a party and excellent food.

The communion/confirmation mass was for all 50 kids in the All Saint's Parish, which encompasses I think 5 or 6 churches in the mid-coast region. So the mass was held at St. John's in Brunswick. I'd never been inside that church before, it was lovely.

Then today at mass at Our Lady, the girls all wore their communion dresses again, brought up the gifts, and had a little party after mass. More adorableness!

I'll call this one "Joy and Flowers"
 You don't have to be a great photographer to get great photos of beautiful little girls in beautiful white dresses on a seaside church lawn, that's for sure...

Just like a little angel
 And finally, all four girls together:

The dandelions look cute, but those are four stained-up dresses right now...
Both masses were lovely. I can't believe how big Nina's gotten. First communion and confirmation! It all goes too fast.


Vanessa said...

Lovely girls, lovely pictures! Love the one with the pink flowers, great shot!

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