about a dream: We're anxiously on baby watch!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

We're anxiously on baby watch!

So exciting! Go Isabelle!!

Well, us grown-ups are anxious. The kids are kind of oblivious, to be frank. They're outside playing ponies, even though it's 7:30 and I should be getting them ready for bed. They didn't get much play time together today though--Nina's play practice went until 5:15, then dinner, so it was 6 before they got to business. Play is important work!

I'm pooped though, it's been such a busy week. Nina's play practice and my students are building an launching water bottle rockets, so there's a lot of in and out and carrying things around all day. Next week will be even worse, with the actual play, a field trip for me AND a field trip for Nina, First Communion rehearsal and actual First Communion. After that's all done though we're on easy street. And it'll almost be summer vacation!

This week at school is teacher appreciation week at school, boy is that well-timed. Every morning there's been a lovely breakfast in the teachers' lounge and tomorrow there'll be lunch too. Yesterday morning Maggie saw the spread and exclaimed, "Wow, that's a lot of appreciation!" Aww!

Next blog post will have baby photos I'm sure!!

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