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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This kid!

The kindergarteners are doing a unit on sexual abuse prevention right now. There was information about it in Maggie's home/school folder. It outlined some of the phrasing they're using, how they're distinguishing between comfortable and uncomfortable touches, that touching is never a secret, and genital touching is only appropriate for helping keep your privates clean or at the doctor's. Great! Keeping kids safe, that's great.

But you know Maggie can take this kind of information and use it to her advantage.

So today mom made zucchini with dinner, and Maggie didn't want to eat it.

"It makes me uncomfortable," she said. "My body's telling me not to eat it. You know I have to listen to what my body says, and my body says it's uncomfortable."


I told her she had to try one yellow and one green, and see which color she liked better. She reluctantly chewed a yellow piece, made some retching noises, and choked it down.

At least I'm her trusted grown-up that she can tell these things to. She even drew a picture of me in her "trusted gown-up you can tell about uncomfortable touches" sheet. 

Anyway, I gave her french fries. Sometimes you have to know when you've been beaten.

Also, today was a snow day. Yay!

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