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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lovely February we're having!

It's a little chillier than normal for this time of year, but bright and sunny. We'll take it!

Today we went to a birthday party at the Y. Since no one reads this blog, I'll confess that we used the birthday party excuse to go swimming in the pool. Once you get through those doors and past the front desk ladies (who are stricter than librarians!), they don't care what you do. So we nonchalantly walked up and said, "We're here for Spencer's birthday party," and they said go on ahead, and Nick and Nina got right in the pool. HA! They swam for an hour while Maggie and I did the cake and presents routine, then I got Maggie suited up and she joined them for their second hour.

However, there was no lunch at the party, which took me by surprise since it ran from 11 to 1. We were famished by the time we got out of the pool, so we got lunch at the new Asian place in town. Delicious. We couldn't even finish the leftover for dinner there was so much.

After that, Nina and I stayed at the rink for skating and Maggie went home with Nick.

On the way home, I was reminded of an incident at Sunday school, and I can't remember if I ever wrote about it here. Just in case, here's what happened: We were talking about what makes God happy (love, kindness, all those new-agey new testament things), and the kids wrote about things they thought they could do to make God happy.

I look over at Maggie's and it says, "Give him money."

Really, I'm wasting our time with this church business. At least I'm the Sunday school teacher, so I don't have to worry about what other people will think.

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