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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally, a warm-up!!

Yesterday hit the 40s, Thursday hit 47 (according to, and today and tomorrow are supposed to continue the trend. Yippee!!

Thursday was not a great day though. I got a cavity filled at 11 am and spend the rest of the day with a numb jaw. And because I had to leave the house by 10:45, I of course didn't think to eat lunch. Then, as the dentist is drilling, my stomach started growling. Grr!! By then of course it was too late to eat, and I realized I'd have to go hungry until my mouth felt normal.

Nina and I made smoothies, and that helped some, but there was no pleasure in eating them. Then after the anesthesia wore off, that side of my mouth felt sore, so I ended up eating mostly soup for dinner.

Even worse, Maggie has a cavity! Poor kid. They're very careful to keep the process pain-free for kids, but that means they'd rather sedate her than risk any discomfort. We'll wait and see. To be sedated, she'd have to go to Topsham or something. Hopefully they'll be able to do it here in Boothbay, but she was NOT pleased to try the x-ray (the attempt failed), so at the moment, not looking so good.

Yesterday poured all day, but Aunt and Unk came! Today it's sunny and beautiful, so we'll be sure to break out the camera and get some photos.

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