about a dream: February already? And a sphagetti supper

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February already? And a sphagetti supper

Tonight was family night at the book fair/PTO spaghetti supper. Yum! Any night I don't have to cook is a good night for me.

Still, I'm in a grumpy mood. First, that stupid book Hello Jell-o! Was AT THE BOOK FAIR AGAIN!! I don't know if I ranted and raved here about that last year, but here's what happened. I was volunteering at the book fair, browsing through the offerings, and was bored enough to check out a jell-o recipe book. Lo and behold, I find an entire CHAPTER of the jell-o book devoted to boozy jell-o shots. Great! What a great book to sell to the K-8 set! Way to go Scholastic!!

I emailed, last year, but it's still there. Good to know they care. I should email them and say, how 'bout you publish my book so I don't make a big viral stink about this? But, coercion is probably not the best way to get a contract, so I'll just vent here. And write another email, this time more strongly worded.

THEN, there was a silent auction at the spaghetti supper, and I bid on a few items. I only got one though, wanna know why? The ladies manning the auction table bid a dollar higher on the items they wanted right at the end, and got all the choice deals.

Humanity. My faith in you is destroyed. 

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