about a dream: So much fun in Newburyport!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So much fun in Newburyport!

I'll post about the details when we have the photos to go along with them. Unfortunately, our batteries died when the horse-drawn sleigh (ok, wagon. Not enough snow for a sleigh) arrived, so we have to wait for dad to upload his to snapfish.

Here, though, to give you a taste of the mayhem and fun we had, is the hirsute aftermath of the party:

Look carefully at the tangle in that hair.

Yes, the tangle. The one giant-head consuming tangle. Oh dear!

Maggie's wasn't much better, but the curly nature of her hair somewhat hid the madness.
So last night was baths, shampoos, brushing, drying, and braiding. Then we watched Tangled! How apt!

Our drive back home from Newburyport was perfect. It rained but stayed above freezing, so thankfully no ice. We stopped at Target, exchanged some PJs and picked up a few non-essentials, then continued to Appleby's for Great-Grandma's 95th birthday celebration, and then went to Aunt Maria's for cake and ice cream.

The girls are wound up for Christmas, and Nina's getting right into her dissecting kit. Thanks Aunt and Unk!!

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Vanessa said...

Oh wow, that is some tangle! Maybe I'll send Nina a pic of mine!