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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More December photos

Finally got the pictures from the regular camera downloaded (everything else this month has come off of dad's or the lego camera!), so here are some highlights from the month that didn't get posted earlier. The first two are from the day Santa arrived in the harbor:

This is the most ridiculously wide tree I think I've ever seen...

Look at that cutie, with her hot cocoa and frighteningly oversized living gingerbread person.

This one is from Maggie's kindergarten's performance of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. She was a reindeer.

They were singing a song here, but I don't remember what it was...

Next, some highlights from Christmas in Newburyport:

Christmas spirit, opening presents on Saturday night.

The joy of Christmas, and getting her first Monster High doll.

Baking gingerbread cookies with Aunt Isabelle. I don't know why Unk is pictured here instead of Aunt, but it was definitely and Aunt and nieces project.

Look how great they turned out! They were delicious, too. Soft, not super hard like gingerbread usually is.

Here they are showing off their stacked cake cookies. Note the monster high doll at the bottom of the frame. They love them!

That has us almost all caught up! The rest of our vacation has been pretty relaxed. The girls and I have been sledding (a miserable failure on the first try at the high school, far too icy, but a success at their friend Hannah's house), skating (at least icy is good for that), playdates, and back to the movies again to see Frozen. We loved it even more the second time!

Another round of bitter cold settled in overnight, and we probably won't get out of the teens until the weekend. Yay. Overnight lows below zero expected, double yay. I hate winter!

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